Split Core CT

A split core current transformer (split core CT) is a current transformer that designed to be phisically opened , and installed without shutting the circuit. It is fully insulated from the high operating voltage of the system and is usually hanged to the current carrying wires.

DER EE split core current transformers are used to meaure alternating current (AC) and their secondary currents are usally proportional to the primary currents. With features of lighweight, safe and convenient, users don't need to shut off the circuit or cut a wire during measurement. They are widely used on indutrial controls, electrical systems to troubleshooting, circuit test or maintainance.
SCT-36 Split Core CT

Model : SCT-36

SCT-24B Split Core CT

Model : SCT-24B

SCT-24A Split Core CT

Model : SCT-24A

SCT-16A Split Core CT

Model : SCT-16A

SCT-16B Split Core CT

Model : SCT-16B

SCT-10 Split Core CT

Model : SCT-10

SCT-10S split core current transformer

Model : SCT-10S