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  provides wide range of products such as Digital multimeter, Clamp meter, LCR Meter, Digital thermometers/ hygrometer, Insulation Resistance Tester, Ground Resistance Tester, Light Meter, EMF / ELF (Electromagnetic Field) Tester, Phase Sequence Tester, (Digital) Panel Meter, VU Panel Meter, Hall Effect Current Sensor, Current Transformer, Ammeter Shunt, which are characterized by stable quality, high performance, competitive prices. With these, we are confidence to create more profits for customers. 
DE-208A Digital Multimeter(D.M.M)

Model : DE-208A(RMS)

DE-5200 Digital multimeter

Model : DE-5200

DE-240 Digital Multimeter(D.M.M)

Model : DE-240

DE-240C Digital Multimeter(D.M.M)

Model : DE-240C

DE-5000 LCR Meter

Model : DE-5000

DE-19A Pocket Size Digital Multimeter

Model : DE-19A(RMS)

DE-35 Wireless Clamp Meter (AC/DC)

Model : DE-35

DE-3110 AC/DC Clamp Meter (Pocket Size)

Model : DE-3110

DE-19A Pocket Size Digital Multimeter / Clamp

Model : DE-19A(RMS)

DE-3003 K-TYPE Digital Thermometer

Model : DE-3003

DE-3009 Digital Temperature Humidity Meter

Model : DE-3009

DE-24 Digital Thermometers

Model : DE-24