Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Digital multimeter is an essential tool for electrical and electronic  technicians / engineers  . Digital multimeters are mainly used to test electrical values, and troubleshooting on electric devices. 

Except the basic functions like measuring  volts, amps and ohms. , digital multimeters combines advanced options for the specific needs for technicians . Users can pick up suitable models according to their requirement and applications  .  

DER EE digital multimeter (DMM) are designed for variety of applications, from starter level to professional digital multimeters; types including pocket-size digital multimeters and standard digital multimeter.  

With experiences for decades, both our products and services are well-proven by customers with superior quality and competitive prices. For custom-designed, please feel free to contact us.     

Hand-held size Digital Multimeter Series:

Digital Multimeter-Measurement Function Chart