Analog Panel Meter /Analog Voltmeter / Ammeter

Analog Panel Meters are mainly with types of Moving coil, moving Iron , rectifier or taut band. 
Moving Iron analog panel meters are ideally suited for measuring True RMS current and voltage in AC circuits and Power Measurement applications.  The scale of moving Iron analog panel meter is usually non-linear. 

Moving coil analog panel meters are used only on DC circuits. They can also be used on AC circuit when built-in with rectifier . Moving coil analog panel meters are shock resistant and suitable for use in marine or industrial applications. The scale of moving coil analog panel meter is mostly linear.

Taut band analog panel meters offer the advantages of friction free ,  shock-proof than the pivot and jewel type ones. With that feature , Taut band analog panel meters have longer life time and less distortion of accuracy .

DER EE has rich experience for decades in manufacturing high quality analog panel meters , and offers various specifications for different applications . 
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DE-430 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-430

DE-450 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-450

DE-500 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-500

DE-550 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-550

DE-600 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-600

DE-663 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-663

DE-670(AC)Analog panel meter

Model : DE-670(AC)

DE-670(DC)Analog panel meter

Model : DE-670(DC)

DE-680 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-680

DE-786 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-786

DE-80 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-80

DE-860 Analog panel meter

Model : DE-860