Digital Clamp Meter

Clamp meters are convenient measuring tools that allow the measurement of current simply by clamping a wire while being energized without cutting a circuit. 

In cases of measurement by a multitester and digital multimeter, the circuit must be cut to measure current. In contrast, with a clamp meter, current can be measured simply by clamping a live wire over its sheath. In addition to its simple operation, it allows safe measurement of a higher current.

DER EE digital clamp meters are applicable while measuring thick wires / large conductors or in measuring limited spaces . Features with measuring current range upto 1000A, resolution 0.01A , MIN/MAX hold(parallel record) , Synchronize measurement of Hz /ACA or ACV ,and high accuracy, DER EE digital clamp meters are your reliable helper in  repairing , electronic testing , equipment installation ,system troubleshooting and maintenance. 

DE-35 Wireless Clamp Meter (AC/DC)

Model : DE-35

DE-3501 AC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3501

DE-3502 AC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3502

DE-3503 AC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3503(RMS)

DE-3505 AC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3505(RMS)

DE-3506 AC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3506

DE-3507 AC Clamp Meter (RMS)

Model : DE-3507(RMS)

DE-3511 AC/DC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3511

DE-3512 AC/DC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3512

DE-3513 AC/DC clamp meter(RMS)

Model : DE-3513(RMS)

DE-3515 AC/DC Clamp Meter(RMS)

Model : DE-3515(RMS)

DE-3516 AC/DC Clamp Meter

Model : DE-3516