• DE-5030 Analog Earth/Ground Resistance Tester

DE-5030 Analog Earth/Ground Resistance Tester

Taut Band Movement made in Japan
Measurement method: 3-pole or simplify 2-pole earth resistance
Earth voltage measurement: max. AC30V
AUX. SPIKE OK light indication for 3-pole earth resistance measurement
Max. rated output current: 3mA
Model : DE-5030

Earth/ground resistance tester is an electrical quipement to keep safty to prevent harm or damage to humans, property, or the environment .

Equipped with taut band movement , AC vlotage measurement , selectable earth ground resistance ranges by  0~ 12Ω , 0~120Ω and 0~1200Ω ,DER EE DE-5030 Earth /ground resistance tester is a reliable tool which provides precise and easy-to-use way  in check ground connections.
  • Earth resistance range:0~12Ω / 0~120Ω / 0~1200Ω
  • Normal operation conditions:Battery voltage:in range of "BATT.GOOD"
  • Earth voltage measurement:max. AC 30V
  • Output current:3mA
  • Response time:within 1 sec.
  • Insulation resistance:min. 100MΩ / DC1000V between input terminals and case
  • Withstand voltage:AC3700V (50 / 60Hz) for 1 min. between input terminals and case
  • Battery Check
  • Battery:AA 1.5V x 4
  • Safety standard:IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V ,  IEC 61557,  IEC61010-031

  Measurement Ranges:

23°C ± 5°C max. 80%R.H

Measurement Function



Accuracy (F.S.=full scale)

Measuring Output Current

Earth Voltage

0~30V AC



±3.0% F.S.





0~ 1200Ω


±3.0% F.S.
(Aux. earth resistance is 100Ω ±5%)
(earth voltage is below 10V )

3mA AC approx.


0~ 120Ω

2mA AC approx.


0~ 12Ω


1mA AC approx.


  • Operation:0°C~ 40°C(32℉~104℉)/<85% R.H.(no condensation)
  • Storage:-20°C~ 60°C(-4℉~140℉)/<75%R.H.(no condensation)


  Dimension & Weight:

  • 162(L)x112(W)x50(H)mm
  • Approx.400g (Excluding battery)



  • Typical test lead set(DE-TL66) 
Test lead (red) 20M x 1
Test lead (yellow) 10M x 1
Test lead (green) 5M x 1

  • T type aux. spike (DE-TL70) x 2
  • Simplified test lead (red) (DE-TL65) x 1
  • Simplified test lead (green) (DE-TL56) x 1
  • Test probe-red/black (DE-TL55) x 1 set
  • Alligator clip-red/black (DE-TL73D) x 1 set
  • Instruction manual x 1
  • Battery AA 1.5V  x 4
  • Hard tool case x 1

  • Multiple range for selection (x 1, x 10, x 100)
  • Max. resistance 1200Ω
  • Overload protection
  • Measurement option:precise 3-pole or simple 2-ploe
  • TAUT BAND movement
  • Lighting function for reading at dim spots (turn off in 40 sec. automatically)
  • Low battery indication