• DE-20 LCD Thermometer (non-waterproof)

DE-20 LCD Thermometer (non-waterproof)

Easy carrying
Measurement Temp. Range:-10°C~70°C
MAX / MIN Data Hold
Model : DE-20

  • LCD Display:Digits LCD Display.
  • Resolution:0.1°C
  • Measurement Temp. Range:-10°C~70°C
  • Accuracy:-50°C~40°C ± 1.8°C
                        >40°C~100°C ± 3.0°C
  • Sampling Rate:every 10 seconds
  • Applicable Ambient Temp. for Meter:-10°C~70°C
  • Battery: Button Cell LR44 or SR44 x 1 (installed)
  • Low Battery Indication:display color fades away
  • Only DE-20W is with an extension temp. Probe that can work with the wider range. Don’t apply DE-20 exceeding the measurement temp. Range as the case of meter may crash while over the range.
  • Optional models with water proof design-DE-30W (with cable) & DE-30 are available in our line.

  Dimension & Weight:

  • Dimension:48(L)x28.6(W)x15.5(H)mm
  • Weight:Approx.14g


  • LR44 or SR44 Battery X 1
  • Easy monitoring
  • Easy carrying
  • Equipment temperature monitoring
  • Indoor/Outdoor use etc.
  • Resolution:0.1°C
  • MAX / MIN Data Hold

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