• DE-10ALS AC Line Splitter

DE-10ALS AC Line Splitter

Apply For: AC Voltage & Current
Amplified Rate of Current: x1 time, x10 times
Power Line Rate: ≤120V(AC);≤15A (AC)
Model : DE-10ALS

  • Apply For: AC Voltage & Current
  • Amplified Rate of Current: x1 time, x10 times
  • Power Line Rate: ≤120V(AC);≤15A (AC)

 Dimension & Weight:

  • Clamp Opening Size: 25×25 mm
  • Dimension: 153(L)x53(W)x28(H)mm
  • Weight: Approx. 100g (0.22 lbs)


  • Operation:-10°C~50°C(14℉~122℉)/≤80%R.H.(No Condensation)
  • Storage:-10℃~60℃(14℉~140℉)/≤70%R.H.(no condensation) 


  • Plug DE-10ALS to the socket (≤120V AC;≤15A AC) and plug the connect of electrical to be measured to the other side of DE-10ALS



  • For safety reason, do not operate DE-10ALS over the limited range at AC 120V; AC 15A.


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